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Yellow Tiger's Eye

Yellow Tiger's Eye

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Yellow Tiger's Eye is a solar plexus, navel and root chakra. Yellow Tigers Eye aids with mental clarity. The yellow tones brighten and lighten your outlook on all that is positive, and it opens your mind to unlimited possibilities. This stone is a good companion when you are trying to remain grounded and focused on your goals and dreams and how they might be accomplished. It can help you feel self-empowered and unaffected by other people's opinions, it helps keep your thoughts aligned with your personal truth.

Yellow Tiger's Eye helps you release feelings of jealousy, and raise your onw self-confidence. It aids you when you need to remember that the sun continues to shine on you and how new beginnings are powerful times for renewal and growth.

Physically, Yellow Tiger's Eye, like all tiger's eye, helps improve your eyesight. It also aids in digestion and absorption of foods for ultimate nutrition. This stone is also beneficial for those wishing to improve their career in a leadership position or as a speaker or project leader.